Lunning Coaching and Consulting

Have fun Increasing the Resiliency and Love for Your Future Marriage

Since 1998, Scarlett has been working with couples to help them understand themselves and each other better before they make the commitment of marriage.  One day classes or three hour individual sessions are provided. Couples report that they not only experienced keen insights into how to create happy marriages, but also had a wonderful time with their fiances!

We often spend months planning a wedding, but give little time or thought to getting to know each other better and working on understanding what is important to each of them. Designed to supplement your pastor’s counsel and instruction, Making the Covenant program is available for any couples planning to marry or who were married one year prior to the workshop.

Benefits of Premarital Coaching:

Helps develop skills for a healthy marriage
Provides individual presentations by qualified Christian professionals
Includes opportunities to learn more about each other before marriage
Provides small group discussions 

Content includes:

Problem solving
Marriage as a spiritual covenant