Lunning Coaching and Consulting

About The Coach: Scarlett Lunning, LMSW

Communication and Relationship Coach, Scarlett Lunning, brings over twenty-five years of experience in the area of assisting people in communicating in the face of differences and conflict to develop healthy relationships with themselves, within families, within businesses, and cross culturally. As a mediator, facilitator, and communication coach, LCC employs the understanding of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness to increase the client’s understanding of themselves as the “Thinkers,” thereby unlocking their freedom to respond to life as free agents.

Scarlett worked as a facilitator, mediator, counselor, educator, and trainer with Iowa Mediation Service (IMS) for the past fifteen years providing mediations, trainings, counseling, and facilitations for individuals and organizations.  Trainings addressed the needs of organizations in the areas of conflict resolution, leadership, harassment prevention, the 3 Principles (human psychological functioning), healthy workplace cultures, individual growth, and supervision.  

Premarital Coaching is one of Scarlett's favorite coaching opportunities! Since 1998, when serving as a counselor at Lutheran Services of Iowa, she has facilitated premarital workshops and individual sessions for through a program called, Making the Covenant.

She is often consulted to intervene in workplace conflicts, and has been very successful in assisting managers and teams in building creative and positive work environments. Scarlett has also worked with families through the Family Conferencing Model and she has chaired the Youth Justice Initiative (YJI) Advisory Group for the past 15 years. She assists families in shifting patterns of behavior to new ways of interacting/thinking so they may find peaceful solutions to their conflicts.

As the trainer for the "Let's Talk" school mediation program, she continues to work with AMOS (A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy) training adult and peer mediators for the Des Moines Middle Schools.  She also serves as the Chair of the Youth Justice Initiative (YJI) Advisory Group. YJI is an award-winning juvenile justice program with the West Des Moines Police Department. YJI is a restorative justice program that is based on the Three Principles.