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The 3 Principles: What are they?

Lunning Coaching & Consulting believes that all people have the capacity to be happy, and that all family, business and organizational cultures can create positive living and working environments. Scarlett Lunning was introduced to the 3 Principles in 2006 through a United Way of Central Iowa and Iowa Health Systems (now Unity Point) 3 Principles training initiative. There was a noticeable shift in the training participants as they recognized a new psychological freedom that had been locked up by thinking that people can only be as happy as their circumstances allow. Since then, though life has continued with its volatility of ups and downs, she and many colleagues introduced to this understanding have been able to positively navigate their lives and guide their clients in finding much more creative and hopeful ways of living.

The 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as defined by Theosopher, Sydney Banks:

Mind is the intelligence of all things; Consciousness makes you aware; and Thought is like the rudder of a ship. It guides you through life and if you learn to use that rudder properly, you can guide your way through life far better than you ever imagined. You can go from one reality to another. You can find your happiness and when illusionary sadness comes from memories, you don't try to figure it out. Please don't try to do that - you'll get yourself in trouble. All you have to do is realize that it's Thought. The second you realize that it's Thought, you are touching the very essence of psychological experience. You're back to the "now," you're back to happiness. So don't get caught up on a lot of details. Life truly comes from…inside out. It’s spiritual knowledge. It’s there, everybody has it and people don’t realize that. There’s no human being more spiritual than you—everybody is equal.

Mind, Consciousness and Thought are the three principles that enable us to acknowledge and respond to existence. They are the basic building blocks, and it is through these three components that all psychological mysteries are unfolded. They are the psychological trinity.  All three are universal constants that can never change and never be separated.