Lunning Coaching and Consulting

Why do businesses, organizations, marriages, families and friendships get stuck?

 We are all diverse in our way of looking at life. Everyone comes from separate realities.

On the positive side, this mix of ideas and desires is key in creating cutting edge results in business and energizing personal relationships.

On the negative side, separate realities can create environments of conflict, failure, and misery.

On the hopeful side, Lunning Coaching and Consulting (LCC), recognizes that though we see through different lenses we are all the same in how we create our lives and belief systems. Through understanding the Three Principles* of Mind (personal power), Thought (human capacity to create thoughts), and Consciousness (human gift of “feeling” thoughts),

we are freed to communicate, navigate life more smoothly, and lift ourselves out of limiting beliefs


The Issues Inviting LCC Involvement

Isn’t it just common sense that businesses/organizations, marriages, families, any family, business, organization, or community functions

more effectively when the people involved are at peace with one another? What keeps us from all getting along?
Basically, most of us avoid conflict at all costs:

  • Businesses/organizations ignore the low mood conversations in the parking lots and around the water coolers, thinking staff/members will just bounce back into productivity.   There is a sense that everyone will just get over it. After all, don’t we have work to do – what’s with all this sniveling and grouching?
  • We seem to be comfortable, when a situation is sticky, to make the choice to wait for peace to magically appear.
  • In personal relationships, such as marriages, families, and friendships many believe that the marriage or friendship conflict will magically move back to a happy state, even though we we are right and the other person is wrong.